XO-YH09 Portable LED Light Yellow


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XO-YH09 Portable LED Light Yellow

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  • Introducing the XO-YH09 Portable LED Light Yellow, a versatile lighting solution designed for convenience and functionality. With its compact design and powerful LED light source model of 3xCOB, this portable light is perfect for various settings, whether you’re camping outdoors or simply need extra illumination indoors.
  • One of the standout features of this LED light is its flexibility in power options. With an input voltage of 5V/1A, it can be easily powered using a USB connection, offering convenience and compatibility with various devices.
  • In terms of brightness, the XO-YH09 offers three different lighting modes to suit your needs. Simply press button 1 for strong light, button 2 for general light, or button 3 for weak light. This versatility allows you to adjust the brightness level according to your preference and the specific lighting requirements of your environment.
  • The XO-YH09 is not only functional but also efficient. With a power consumption of just 3W, it provides ample illumination while conserving energy. Additionally, it boasts a high rendering index (RA>70) and a color temperature of 3500K, ensuring natural and vibrant lighting that enhances visibility and comfort.
  • Whether you’re lighting up your outdoor adventures or illuminating your indoor spaces, the XO-YH09 Portable LEDLight Yellow offers reliable performance, versatility, and efficiency. With its combination of practical features and stylish design, it’s the perfect lighting solution for any situation.

What is the price of XO-YH09 Portable LED Light Yellow in Bangladesh?

The latest price of XO-YH09 Portable LED Light Yellow in Bangladesh is ৳1250 You can buy the XO-YH09 Portable LED Light Yellow at best price from our website or visit any of our Store.


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XO-YH09 Portable LED Light Yellow