Xiaomi Hair dryer (H100) 1600W

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  • 9.5cm super short body
  • 20m/s super wind speed
  • 50 million negative ions
  • 57°C constant temperature hair care
  • 360 degree double anti-scalding nozzle
  • Hanging hook design for easy storage
  • Bold power cord, heat insulation and high temperature resistance

 Xiaomi Hair dryer (H100) 1600W

XIAOMI MIJIA Portable Anion Hair Dryer Nanoe Water ion hair care Professinal Quick Dry 1600W Travel Foldable Hairdryer

Specifications :

  • Brand : Xiaomi
  • Portability: Foldable handle
  • Max. power: 1600W
  • Plug standard: Euro
  • Function: Anion
  • Voltage: 210-240V
  • Heating element: Infrared
  • Nozzle type: Air collecting & scattering
  • Material: ABS + electronic components
  • Model Number: H100
  • Size: 220V/50Hz
  • Type of motor: DC
  • Item Type: Hair Dryer
  • Power Source: electric
  • Number of gears: 2
  • Use: Household
  • Release Date: 2020
  • Water ion hair care: Yes
  • Hot and cold circulation wind mode: Yes
  • Weight: 454g
  • Cable length: 1.7m


  • Tens of millions of high-concentration negative ions, Gentle hair care and improve frizzy hair.
  • The handle can be folded, small and portable.
  • Innovative balanced heating element design, 1600W high power.
  • Two modes. Wind temperature and wind speed can be adjusted.
  • Aerodynamic noise reduction design, Less noise, more comfort.
  • Double overheating protection for more peace of mind.
  • Minimalist aesthetic design, gentle and understated.

Xiaomi Anion Portable Hair Dryer
Tens of millions of negative ions. Makes hair more fluffy. Anion hair care, folded, easy to store Quick drying with high air volume. Small size and light weight

 Xiaomi Hair dryer (H100) 1600W 5

18000rpm, high speed motor
Strong wind. Dry hair quickly. High-performance high-speed motor provides strong power and blows out strong wind of 12m per second. The professionally adjusted 6-wing fan blades make the wind more delicate. The wind is strong but not dry. While drying hair quickly, it gives you a better experience. 12m per second, fast drying with large air volume. 6-wing dynamic balancing fan blade

 Xiaomi Hair dryer (H100) 1600W 6

Tens of millions of high-concentration negative ions

 Xiaomi Hair dryer (H100) 1600W 7
The handle can be folded, small and portable.
Compact design is a breeze. don’t feel tired even if blow my hair for a long time. The handle can be folded for convenient storage and can be carried on business trips. Tookfun. Small and light. Foldable handle

 Xiaomi Hair dryer (H100) 1600W 8
Innovative balanced heating element design
1600W high power The heating wire cone-shaped tower design and can efficiently generate heat, conduct temperature uniformly, and cooperate with the air outlet protection net to blow out even hot air. Quickly blow dry hair while reducing overheating damage, and the right temperature comprehensively cares for the hair.

 Xiaomi Hair dryer (H100) 1600W 9

Minimalist aesthetic design, gentle and understated.
The surface is designed with a warm feel, which is gentle and delicate. tookfun. Pure geometric interspersed appearance, simple contour lines. The elegant proportions of the body, whether folded or unfolded, show a geometric aesthetic.
 Xiaomi Hair dryer (H100) 1600W 10

What is the price of Xiaomi Hair dryer (H100) 1600W in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Xiaomi Hair dryer (H100) 1600W in Bangladesh is ৳2500 You can buy the Xiaomi Hair dryer (H100) 1600W at best price from our website or visit any of our Store.


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Xiaomi Hair dryer (H100) 1600W

2,5002,900 (-14%)

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