Tribit CallElite 83 Stereo Wired Headphone


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  • Model: CallElite 83
  • Driver Size: 40 mm
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Interface: 3.5 mm, USB
  • Features: Mute Button, In-Line Controls
Important Notice for Eid ⚠️ ঈদের আগে সর্বশেষ অর্ডার নেওয়া হবে ১৩ই জুন এবং আমাদের সর্ব ধরনের কার্যক্রম বন্ধ থাকবে। ২২ শে জুন থেকে আমাদের পুনরায় কার্যক্রম শুরু হবে। ধন্যবাদ সবাইকে ঈদ মোবারক

Tribit CallElite 83 Stereo Wired Headphone

Feature :

  • Superior Noise Cancellation for Enhanced Calls:Equipped with advanced digital signal processing technology, the Tribit CallElite 83 boasts a unidirectional microphone that effectively reduces background noise. This ensures your voice is transmitted clearly and accurately during calls, even in noisy environments. Whether you’re working from home, in a bustling office, or a busy call center,
  • Rich Audio for Calls and Entertainment:The CallElite 83 goes beyond clear communication; it also delivers exceptional audio quality. Thanks to treble and bass enhancement, you’ll experience calls with rich sound and immaculate detail. Furthermore, the headset features 40mm drivers that produce powerful and immersive audio, making it perfect for not only calls but also enjoying your favorite music during breaks.
  • Designed for All-Day Comfort:The Tribit CallElite 83 prioritizes user comfort. Specifically, the ear cushions are crafted with soft, artificial protein leather and memory sponge. This combination not only provides a luxurious feel but also enhances passive noise reduction, allowing you to focus on your calls without distractions. The 270-degree rotatable microphone ensures optimal positioning for clear voice pickup. Additionally, the adjustable headband, ear muffs, and lightweight design contribute to a comfortable fit for extended wear.
  • Effortless Control at Your Fingertips:The Tribit CallElite 83 prioritizes user-friendly controls. The in-line controller features simple buttons for volume adjustment and mute functionality. For instance, you can activate the microphone mute or speaker mute with a single press, ensuring seamless control over your calls.
  • Unmatched Compatibility:The Tribit CallElite 83 boasts wide compatibility thanks to its included 3.5mm audio cable and USB-A in-line controller. This means you can connect the headset to various devices, including phones, computers, tablets, and more. Moreover, the versatile design allows you to participate in Skype chats, Zoom meetings, and online courses with ease, offering the freedom to move around without limitations.
usb headset
usb headset

What is the price of Tribit CallElite 83 Stereo Wired Headphone in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Tribit CallElite 83 Stereo Wired Headphone in Bangladesh is ৳3690 You can buy the Tribit CallElite 83 Stereo Wired Headphone at best price from our website or visit any of our Store.


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Tribit CallElite 83 Stereo Wired Headphone