NeePho NP-T1 Ipad/Laptop Stand

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NeePho NP-T1 iPad/Laptop Stand


  • Product: NeePho NP-T1 iPad/ Laptop Stand
  • Material: Metal+ Silicone
  • color: Silver
  • Applicable models: Tablets, Laptops, Macbook
  • Sturdy & Stable
  • Multi-Angle Adjustable
  • Foldable & Portable
  • For 8 -17 inch
  • An indispensable companion for Work/Study
  • Line avoidance design
  • Does not block letters
  • Rounded comer design


The NeePho NP-T1 iPad/Laptop Stand is a versatile and ergonomic solution for your devices. Designed to support both tablets and laptops, this stand features adjustable height and angle settings to ensure optimal viewing and typing comfort. Made from durable, high-quality materials, it provides stable and sturdy support while minimizing strain on your neck and wrists. The stand’s foldable design allows for easy portability, making it perfect for home, office, or travel use. With its sleek and modern look, the NeePho NP-T1 stand enhances productivity and comfort, providing a seamless experience for your digital needs.


What is the price of NeePho NP-T1 Ipad/Laptop Stand in Bangladesh?

The latest price of NeePho NP-T1 Ipad/Laptop Stand in Bangladesh is ৳1100 You can buy the NeePho NP-T1 Ipad/Laptop Stand at best price from our website or visit any of our Store.


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NeePho NP-T1 Ipad/Laptop Stand

NeePho NP-T1 Ipad/Laptop Stand

1,1002,550 (-57%)

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