Compact Power Massage Gun with 5 Heads CY-002

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Compact Power Massage Gun with 5 Heads CY-002


  • Product name: Mini Fascia Gun
  • Product color: black, sky blue, green, purple
  • Product material: ABS+motor+lithium battery
  • Product stalls: 6-speed adjustment, USB Android charging cable
  • Battery capacity: 1800MA double section
  • Product size: 18*13*4.5cm
  • Color box size: 22.5*19.5*6cm
  • Product weight: 530g, 775g with packaging
  • Rated voltage: 220V
  • Rated power: 24W
  • Rated frequency: 50HZ
  • Control method: button
  • Applicable parts: whole body
  • Motor type: brush motor
  • Power supply mode: USB
  • Massage techniques: hitting, hammering, beating, vibration
  • Massage contacts: 4


1. Accelerate the deep relaxation of fascia gun, relieve muscle stiffness and improve the pain after exercise.

2. High speed noise reduction motor, high power, low noise and low vibration; High power motor is adopted to bring strong power; High speed impact can reduce muscle pain after exercise.

3. Intelligent mute chip, driven by the kernel, can mute efficiently; Imported with packaging, short circuit overload protection, quick response indication.

4. Press the key to adjust, and the palm controls the 6-gear speed change; The vibration intensity adjustment of up to 6 gears can easily respond to various service conditions and meet the needs of different people.

5. High efficiency lithium battery with built-in pressure feedback system to ensure intelligent and lasting output power.

6. The use time of massage gun is different according to different parts. In order to avoid long-term massage and damage to the muscles and bones of the same part, the fascia gun is equipped with intelligent timing protection function. After continuous use for 15 minutes, it will automatically stop, so as to provide scientific and thoughtful protection.

7. Wireless and portable, massage and relax anytime and anywhere; ABS handle, comfortable and delicate feel; Electroplated button, smooth and comfortable.

matters needing attention:

1. Do not touch or press the massage head during operation.

2. Do not hit joints: fascia release guns are usually only applicable to muscles and soft tissues. If you directly knock the joint, it is similar to knocking the joint on a stone, which is easy to cause joint damage.

3. Not all parts are suitable for use: for example, the neck, chest, abdomen, armpit and other parts with thin muscle thickness and close to organs and aorta, so fascia gun is not recommended.

4. This does not mean that the longer the time, the greater the pain and the better the effect: the body should feel pain at 6-8 o’clock, and the use time of the same position should


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Compact Power Massage Gun with 5 Heads CY-002

2,7503,500 (-21%)

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