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Casio Local Adapter

CASIO E95100LG 9.5V AC Adaptor For Casio Keyboard, Compatible with

CTK-240, CTK-245, CTK-1100, CTK-1150, CTK-1200, CTK-1300,CTK-1500, CTK-2080, CTK-2200, CTK-2300, CTK-3200, CTK-3500, CTK-3400, CTK-4200, CTK-4400, LK-120, LK-125, LK-127, LK-160, LK-165, LK-240, LK-247, LK-280, SA-46, SA-47, SA-76, SA-77, SA-78, WK-220, WK-225, XW-G1, XW-P1, XW-P1GD, XW-P1CO, XW-G1 etc LK-240 LK247 LK-247 LK280 LK-280 CTK240 CTK-240 CTK245 CTK-245 CTK1100 CTK-1100 CTK1150 CTK-1150 CTK1200 CTK-1200 CTK2080 CTK-2080 CTK2300 CTK-2300 CTK3200 CTK-3200 CTK4200

Feature :

  • 9-volt, 850 MA
  • InPUt-185-250v – 50hz
  • Only Compatible with the model: MA-150 Casio keyboard
  • Leave a lad-5 ac adapter in your keyboard bag, one in the studio and one at your rehearsal space then just bring your Casio from place to place
  • Your Casio needs power, so get a lad-5
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