BEBIRD R3 Ear Wax Removal Cleaner with HD Ear Camera Lens


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BEBIRD R3 Ear Wax Removal Cleaner with HD Ear Camera Lens

Feature :

  • New standard: New generation, world-class intelligent ear spoon, with the most professional technology to guard the health of you and your family, R3 reference to all the advantages and disadvantages of previous products, a new optimization, BEBIRD R3, now he is safer, more effective, more simple.
  • Comprehensive upgrade of ear spoon brings you the best experience: BEBIRD brand patented technology, 100% soft silicone ear spoon, suitable for the elderly and children. New design so that the ear spoon will not fall off and break. earwax removal kit, the thinnest 3.5mm endoscope on the market, 4.0mm tube diameter, with a lightweight integrated body, compared with other products, BEBIRD R3 allows you to move more flexibly and accurately in the ear canal.
  • Excellent view: BEBIRD R3 uses a new camera, oscope with light depth of field of 50mm, this time, you can easily see the deepest part of the ear canal. BEBIRD R3 earwax removal camera is also suitable for the examination of oral cavity, nose and other parts.
  • smarter software upgrade: ear wax camera is compatible with Android and IOS system, BEBIRD software supports left and right ear mode, Wide lens, Focus lens. ear camera you can take pictures and video record the whole process, spade ear cleaning you can even finish video recording at home. Send the video file to the doctor for quick diagnosis.
  • BEBIRD’s brand quality assurance: If you have any questions about our otoscope, please contact us first, our support team will do their best to help you solve all your problems.

BEBIRD R3 Ear camera


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BEBIRD R3 Ear Wax Removal Cleaner with HD Ear Camera Lens